Tarah Schwartz

You want to communicate in the clearest, most authentic way. I can help you get there. You want a strong partner to ensure an exciting and flawless event. You need someone with the skills to make it happen.


Yes, that’s actor Liev Schreiber! In any interview, you want someone who can ask the right questions and encourage people to tell their stories. In this interview, Liev opens up about his life, his career, his Jewish heritage and the person who influenced him the most. There were some pretty funny moments. The full interview was an hour; here’s a highlight reel.

Tarah is everything you would want when hiring a speaker or moderator – extremely professional, incredibly prepared, and will elevate any conversation into something impactful. I would hire her for every single event if I could. She is a master.

– Gillian Sonin, Communications Strategist & Content Producer

Communications Expert

As a Communications enthusiast, I work to help individuals, companies and organizations share who they are, what they do, how they contribute and what they love. I help people become better communicators. Whether it’s delivering a speech, talking to your staff, speaking to the media, pitching an idea or speaking on a panel. I can help you be your best, clearest, most authentic self.

Tarah Schwartz moderating a panel for Yes Montreal.


Building community is important. Panels are wonderful opportunities to learn from one another, exchange information, inspire and support each other. I make sure each panel is dynamic and the audience is involved and engaged. Watch this video for an event I moderated for YES Montreal at Google alongside some pretty awesome women.

Host – Online Events

Online events are now critical to helping you and your organization stay connected to the people you value. They offer a platform to engage, learn and share valuable information. Let me help you get your message across. Here’s an online gathering I hosted for Plank.


An engaging, dynamic speaker can help elevate your event into something unique and praiseworthy. You want your audience to walk away feeling inspired, determined and satisfied.

Host – Live Events

Those who put on events pour their hearts and souls into them. My job as host is to ensure any event feels effortless, guests are enjoying themselves, timing stays on track and any surprises are handled with grace and humour.

CJAD – Health Matters

Tarah Schwartz is the host of Health Matters, a weekly radio show on CJAD800. She interviews patients, doctors, scientists and researchers about everything from new discoveries to heartfelt stories of loss and hope. The show speaks to the value of philanthropy in ensuring excellence in health care for us all. The show airs Sundays from 12-1 pm in Montreal.

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